In 2018 we met at Central Saint Martins, while studying MA Performance Design & Practice. The collective was formed in September 2018 and has since been based in London, UK. During its first year, it has presented work in London, Berlin, Prague and Ancona. Some of the recurring themes in its performances are search for identity, displacement, creation and destruction of worlds, alternative scenarios, and posthumanism. Heavily relying on scenographic metaphors, it aims to convey these concepts in an inventive, poetic way.

Aziza Kadyri

Aziza Kadyri is a Moscow-born Uzbek designer and performance artist who works primarily in visual design and direction for live performance and film. Aziza’s practice revolves around collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches in live audience experiences, where stories are told through text and visual transformations often supported by costume, video, AR, VR, and other digital technology. Aziza’s projects often explore the themes of cultural identity, migration, and language. 

Fanis Sakellariou

Fanis Sakellariou is a performance artist, director, sound designer, writer and actor. His work revolves mostly around experimental visual physical theatre, making performances which are not based on a script, but rather on the dramaturgy of the body, the image, the sound, the symbols. His main artistic interests lie on Ritual, Post-humanism and Symbols.

Violeta M. Valcheva

Violeta M. Valcheva is a choreographer, director, writer, producer and video designer, working with an interdisciplinary approach. Violeta’s body of work varies greatly in scale; she operates across a contrasting range of formats, from ascetic solos to group concepts, from dance to theatre, site-specific performances to film and AR installations.  Throughout her life, Violeta has lived in different countries and is fluent in multiple languages, thus greatly informing her way of devising and working.